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Blake Campbell Solar provides our residential customers with the highest level of Education, Performance, Quality and Reliability in the industry

Blake Campbell Solar has partnered with only the most reputable and reliable manufactures of Solar PV equipment. We only use TIER ONE brands and companies that have a long track record in the industry over many years, we can also provide products that you request


A residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a rooftop generator that converts energy from the sun into useful electricity that you can use in your home.

High quality photovoltaic cells are manufactured together to form "panels". Several of these panels are combined onto your roof using our high quality mounting systems.

The direct current generated by the solar module is converted into alternating current by the power inverter and can be utilized directly within your house or exported back to the grid.


  • Solar panels convert sunlight into clean green DC electricity
  • If you generate more electricity than your household uses the excess electricity goes back to the grid adding a credit to your electricity bill
  • Inverter converts DC electricity into useable AC electricity
  • During peak periods and at night electricity is imported from the grid

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Commercial Solar PV is installed to save money. Experience shows that viable commercial projects will achieve financial returns between 20-30% annually. After considering the financing cost, this level of return can be quiet attractive.


In recent years the major financial institutions have favoured “green loans” with competitive investment rates. It is generally possible to fully fund a solar PV system over 5-7 years and be cash flow positive in the first year.


Capital asset value of your business & premises are increased through built-in power saving infrastructure and enhanced efficiencies.


The marketing benefits of presenting your company as “environmentally friendly” are becoming more apparent as more companies chose to install renewable solar PV to their rooftops.

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Blake Campbell Solar
Battery Storage Systems

The power of solar batteries

Add a battery to your solar system and enjoy the power to use solar even when the sun goes down. It’s a great way to get more out of your solar system and help reduce your energy bills even further.

Our energy storage solutions come in a variety of different sizes and are compatible with solar systems from 3 kW to 5 kW. Our solar experts will discuss your energy needs and lifestyle to ensure you have the right system or storage solution to complement your household. Plus, you can finance our batteries on a NO INTEREST payment plan

Battery storage questions get asked every day and the prices are coming down all the time, please contact us for a no hassles chat about your Solar Battery Storage needs

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About Blake Campbell Solar

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Blake Campbell Solar is a family owned and operated business based in regional Victoria servicing Victoria's domestic, commercial and battery storage renewable energy systems. With representation for Solar in Shepparton, Echuca/Moama, Bendigo, Wangaratta, Mansfield and Seymour, contact us and speak to your Local Most Trusted Solar Team.

Dedicated to customer service and quality, we guarantee you that the products we use are authentic and are of the highest quality. Our installers are Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers and are born and breed regional Victoria people therefore emphasizing the importance of customer service to you, your business or your home.

We have built strong relationships with all the major Australian Solar wholesalers meaning we will only be selling and installing the highest of quality TIER ONE brands on your home or business

Our business is dedicated to making sure that every customer that calls us is fully educated on how Solar works so they can make a decision that will make them happy long term

Please feel free to contact us for a no pressure chat about Solar

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